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Stolichnaya Cristall is now Cristall Signature Series

Stolichnaya Cristall Signature Russian Vodka SeriesIf you enjoy premium Russian vodka, chances are you’re already familiar with Stolichnaya Cristall. For those who enjoy the finer things in life, there is simply no substitute, either for drinking straight or for mixing the finest vodka cocktails. You can expect the same world class quality as we reintroduce Cristall Signature Series, which formerly sold in the US under the brand name of Stolichnaya Cristall and is now imported and distributed throughout the United States.

You can expect the same smooth taste, the same full bodied warmth, that same famous finish with notes of chocolate and vanilla. You can continue to expect everything you’ve come to demand in premium Russian vodka. Like most people who appreciate true quality, you already know to reach for Stolichnaya Cristall when nothing but the best will do. With Cristall Signature Series, you can continue to bring that no compromise approach to your cocktail parties. Original “Cristall”, there is no substitute.

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If you’re new to the world of top shelf spirits, you owe it to yourself to discover what so many already have: there simply is no substitute for Cristall Signature Series (formerly sold in the US under the brand name of Stolichnaya Cristall). Its smooth, refined taste is a delight to all who know top quality when they taste it.

Cristall Signature Series.

We’re bringing the same no compromise approach that generations of discerning Russian vodka lovers worldwide have enjoyed to a whole new generation. Because, whether you’re just getting started with premium vodka cocktails or have enjoyed vodka straight and up for years, you want the best. After all, anything less is unacceptable.



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